FCM offers its clients long-term competitive advantages by:

  •  Securing source of quality CBD at scale
  •  Lower total production costs
  • Develop new products cheaper and faster
  • Flexible support of clients’ business models
  • Provide consistent vegetal material (dry flower and cuttings) to growers,
    extractors and distributors
  • Fully licensed fertile land available for co-development (Tolima, Colombia)

We understand clients challenges go beyond achieving low cost of production. We and our R&D and production partners, work hand and hand with the clients technical and product development teams to find the right solution to the clients particular challenge.

  • Custom-made formulations
  • Water soluble CBD
  • GMP & EU-GMP certified products
  • White Label manufacturing


Every aspect of FCM’s operations, from cloning to packaging, benefit from our commitments to testing and in-country innovation, which result in consistency and high quality.


  • GMP and EU-GMP standards
  • Organic cultivation and products
  • In-house quality lab
  • Independently produced Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
  • Proprietary Genetics


Extracts, Oils and Isolates


White label solutions can help you utilize your business’s unique branding to offer a CBD final product without investing in the infrastructure and technology needed to have a finished product. You can then simplify you operation and focus on building your brand and converting customers.


  • Consistent supply of cuttings (clones) to local growers
  • Supply of EU-GMP dry flower through its partners in Europe
  • Biomass ready for extraction
  • 274 hectares of fully licensed land ready for co-development in Natagaima,


FCM’s premium bulk cannabis oil and isolates are sourced from only the highest quality cannabis and hemp plants, organically grown using the best practices, and tested to the highest standards.

  • Bulk Full Spectrum Oil
  • Bulk Broad Spectrum Oil
  • Bulk CBD Isolate
  • Bulk CBG Isolate
  • Custom bulk CBD oil formulations



SōRSE is the most consistent, stable, and safe water-soluble solution for integrating CBD and hemp into commercially available products – but it’s also customizable! Our R&D team collaborates with our partners to develop signature formulations that achieve a desired flavor, aroma, or effect to complement each product.

SōRSE Technology water-soluble CBD emulsion solutions are available in liquid, standard powder and agglomerated powder for seamless integration as an ingredient into any product.


FCM’s is able to supply EU-GMP certified bulk extracts and formulations via its production partners in Europe.

  • Bulk Full Spectrum Oil.
  • Bulk Broad Spectrum Oil
  • Bulk CBD Isolate
  • Custom bulk CBD oil formulations
  • White Label

Lower Production Costs

Lock in a reliable and cost efficient supply of premium quality cannabis extracts, oils, and isolates.
Our clients can enjoy our lower cost of production in Colombia (energy, labor and land)

Focus on Strategic Goals

Confidently outsource cultivation, extraction, and distillation processes without sacrificing your standards for safety, consistency, and quality

  • Multiple harvests & accelerated growth cycles.
  • Genetically cloned, sustainably sourced plants.
  • Medical-grade extraction & quality testing labs

Keep Pace with Change

Flexibility, customization, and scale to meet your evolving business requirements as you expand product lines and enter newly opened markets

  • In-house R&D capabilities (people, skills, lab)
  • Alliances with local white label manufacturers