About FCM Global

FCM Global S.A.S. produces  cannabis oils, extracts and isolates using its “Co-Sourced Colombia” model to reliably deliver lower production costs and high-quality inputs for domestics and international markets in the nutritional, wellness, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

FCM production facilities located in Antioquia and Tolima follow GAP and GMP practices. The 238,800 ft2 FCM Antioquia facility is purpose-built for medical cannabis and the Tolima facility is an extended production facility which covers 474 hectares and will ultimately generate more than 2,300 jobs and 1,000+ tons of cannabis oil per year at full capacity. This will provide customers with the best and most consistent quality products with lower production cost at large scale. 

Main Purpose

FCM Global has made the strategic decision and commitment to not compete with our finished product manufacturing clients. Instead we focus 100% on helping lower our clients’ cost of production by producing/supplying custom CBD extracts, oils, and isolates from Colombia which meet their specific product requirements and support their future new product innovations.

Our Values


Client Focus

  •  Co-Sourced Colombia model

  • Flexible support of clients’ business models

  • Strive to find solutions to client’s product manufacturing challenges


  • High-CBD strains & tissue culture propagation

  • Enhanced chromatography testing

  • Molecular-level separation of cannabinoids

  • Water soluble extracts



  • Flexible and extendable full set of licenses

  • Hub & Spoke integration of platform partners in cultivation, R&D, and


  • Rapidly scalable production strategy


  • Organic cultivation and extraction methods

  • Local and national economic development

  • Community health and education programs


FCM Global Headquarters is located in Medellin, with a 235,800 ft2 production facility in La Ceja, Antioquia, and a 474 hectare expanded  cultivation and biomass production facility in Tolima.

Medellín HQ

FCM is proud of its reputation as a role model company within Colombia’s emerging medical cannabis industry, for its ethical behavior, modern facilities and constructive government engagement. Our Medellín headquarters underpins our goal to build a long-term, complete business:​​

  • Transparent environmental, social, and governance (ESG) model
  • Comprehensive human resources programs, policies, procedures
  • Diverse, inclusive culture (gender equality at all levels, no wage gap)
  • Employee programs cover healthcare, pensions, vacations, mentoring
  • Proven finance team with global accounting/tax/FX expertise
  • ERP system integrates general ledger, cultivation, and production
  • Full seed-to-sale traceability and robust compliance reporting tools
  • Well-organized execution using a project and task management system
  • Proactive relationships with regulatory agencies, industry stakeholders
  • Top of the line technical team chosen from the propagation, cultivation, food and pharmaceutical sectors


Antioquia Facility

FCM’s focused strategy to achieve low-cost, large-scale production of high-quality cannabis extracts, oils, and isolates is built upon the successes and lessons learned from taking our Antioquia facility from a business plan to executing on blueprints, to current operations, all in under 24 months.
The facility includes :

  • 235,800 ft2 facility purpose-built for Colombian medical cannabis
  • Constructed and operated to both GAP and GMP quality standards
  • Fully-licensed, well-secured, and regularly inspected modern facility
  • Optimized design to maximize capacity, efficiency and sustainability
  • Single site to propagate, cultivate, extract, test, package and distribute
  • Data-driven “control room” monitors real-time KPIs across the operation
  • Enclosed naturally sunlit greenhouses with full environmental controls
  • In-house quality testing lab ensure safety and consistency at every step
  • Optimal distribution hub due to our proximity to Medellin’s international airport 


Tolima Facility

FCM has a single-parcel property of 474 hectares located in Natagaima, within the Tolima state of Colombia. 274 hectares are already licensed for the cultivation and
extraction of non-psychoactive and psychoactive material :

  • Shovel-ready project with enthusiastic local government support
  • Prime agricultural area with favorable free trade zone potential
  • Intersects Atlantic & Pacific port access roads; 30 minutes. flight to Bogota
  • Proven fertile soil with ample access to pure water on the property
  • Experienced local and indigenous workforce with agro-industrial skillsets
  • Further onsite potential to manufacture and distribute finished products
  • Full capacity vision = 2,300 new jobs and 1,000+ tons of oil a year